About Me

Hi, I'm Mickey! A European city girl who moved to America. I miss Europe, its laid back nature and the cobble stone streets.

By day I am a teacher, an educator and an instructional designer in training.

By night I am a professional scroller with a list of blogs as long as Santa's list of naughty kids.

I live on the East Coast, with my musician husband and our imaginary cat.

About European Beautiful

I set out to create something that I couldn't find no matter how long I looked on the internet. A repository of European talent, crafters, vendors and artists. I think small artists make the world go round and they need as much support as possible in this Herculean task.
If you would like me to show your work on European Beautiful, please get in touch via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or comments. You can also send me an email.
Without exception I always give photo credit. If you see a photo of yours that has been improperly credited please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. If you see a photo of yours that you would like removed also send me an email and I'll be happy to remove it promptly.

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