Sunday, January 25, 2015

Polish Textiles from Taftyli

I found out about two talented textile designers and I want to spread the news. Some of their work appeared on Kickan & Conkers, one of the blogs that I read faithfully. 

The textile work of Swlvya and Dorota is bulky, daring and unapologetic. Almost magnetic, I would say. You can find something for both masculine and feminine interiors, and it would certainly match sophisticated, white spaces as well as darker, moodier rooms.

Braided pillow case by taftyli on European Beautiful
Braided headboard by taftyli on European Beautiful
Braided textiles by taftyli on European Beautiful

Every piece is unique, hand-dyed and sewed by hand.  And I'm still dreaming about that braided headboard.

This is their blog: Projekt-i.
This is their Pinterest.  
This is their website
And their Etsy shop.

Here's where I would see their work showcased:

1. In this warm, coastal-inspired living room in Spain.

Warm, coastal-inspired living room in Spain
Photo by Manolo Yllera via Domaine Home
2. As headboard/backdrop against this grey wall on the Cosy Home blog.

Grey bare wall in the bedroom on CosyHome blog via EuropeanBeautiful
Source: Cosy Home
3. To break down and blend in with the palette in this deep blue and black&white bedroom.

Blue and white bedroom from Fantastic Frank via European Beautiful
Source: Fantastic Frank

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