Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's a new year. It's a new dawn.

The holidays went by so fast, like happy free days tend to do. I was holding my breath in the beginning of December to make sure I take every occasion to celebrate and enjoy the month. Next thing you know, it was January 3rd. But I did have a great time on a wonderful trip to New York to spend time with my friends. I even managed to enjoy the city for a week, and was lucky enough to have beautiful warm winter weather.

Top to bottom:
1. Chandelier at New York Public Library
2. Light angel at Rockefeller Center
3. Statue of Liberty on a clear and sunny winter day
4. Textile booth in Bryant Park
5. Carousel in Bryant Park
6. Brooklyn Museum
7. Peeking in a New York office building, Rear Window-style
8. New York skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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